Mini Facial

30mins $60

Clean>>Exfoliation>>Facial Massage>>Mask

Deep Cleanse Facial

60mins $110

For acne prone skin, Increases exfoliation, helps to clear and purity the skin.

Clean>>Exfoliation>>Facial Massage>>Steam>>Extract Head black>>Mask

High Frequency Facial

75mins $125

  • Rehydrate
  • Balance
  • Shine
  • Elasticity

Clean>>Exfoliation>>Facial Massage >>Steam>>Extract black head>>Frequency with Ampoule penetrate>>Mask

 Manicure & pedicure

Basic manicure $25
Cut>>File>>Cuticle work>>Polish.

Basic pedicure $30
Cut>>File>>Cuticle work>>Callus>>Polish.

Deluxe manicure $40
Cut>>File>>Cuticle work>>Scrub>>Mask>>Polish.

Deluxe pedicure $50
Cut>>File>>Cuticle work>>Callus>>Scrub>>Mask>>Polish.

Shape & Polish $15
Shape & Shellac $30
Shellac hand Extra$15
Shellac toe Extra$20
French/Different colour Extra$5